Lifestyle and Health Revolution

You are what you eat, being healthy has a lot to do with lifestyle. Being healthy comes with sacrifice. Moderation in everything is the key to a healthy life

Nature has a way of balancing itself only if we keep away from toxic living and pay attention to our health and surroundings.

I want to blog about life and health, most specially natural healing, complimentary and holistic medicine/therapy.

There are different ways of keeping healthy, one does not need to subject the body to chemicals when nature can heal holistically.

keeping healthy has a lot to do with nutrition and physical exercise a complete lifestyle change, knowing that nature heals.

A forgotten therapy that heals the mind, body and soul is the cupping therapy, wet cupping or Hijama has been one ancient therapy that should be revived because of its numerous health benefits.

All human body parts are made of differentiated cells that form organs and body parts, which is suppose to be self healing, unfortunately adult cells do not produce fast enough to stop the cells from being sick or dying. which leads to conditions that are difficult to reverse.

there have been cell transplants for some of these conditions that can’t be reversed. these medical procedures are expensive and painful but they heal.

there has been another type of Stemcell therapy that was discovered which is not only safe but from nature. cells of some rear plants were found to aid the growth of human stem cells which can heal certain conditions.

We should also learn to connect to spiritual life, meditate and stay close to nature.

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